Friday, June 13, 2014

Here & Now

Loving...wood fires at night (and sometimes even in the day)
Eating...frozen mango cheesecake (homemade, of course) 
Drinking...tea! It's always tea :-) new cape from Pretty Parcel & gloves from Myer
Feeling...worn out
Wanting...sunshine lucky we are to be able to grow our own eggs and some of our meat and veggies
Dreaming...of sheep


Looking at the first photo - and the others with a little sunshine in them - you probably wonder while I wrote that I am wanting some sunshine. Those photos were snapped on the only afternoon in weeks were we've had a patch of sun...I say patch because I mean about an hour or two.
The constant drizzle does make it colder, though, and since I actually love a cold winter I really shouldn't complain.


I'd love to know what's been happening in your Here & Now, either through the comments or maybe even a blog post of your own? 
I realised my blog was started to look a bit like a recipe blog so before I share any more I thought I'd better get a post about something else up....

Have a lovely weekend!

Sarah x


  1. In love with your calfs! So cute!
    And great weather around there!
    Lovelly pics.
    Have a nice weekend.

    1. Thanks so much! I hope you have a good weekend too :-)

  2. What gorgeous photos! Love the cows, the bread and the tea! ;-)

  3. Just in case you've forgotten, you have a beautiful life! Absolutely love the pics. Enjoy your tea and then run outside in the rain and give that calf a big kiss on the nose for me! =)

  4. Your blog is beautiful! I always enjoy stopping by. Love your words and pics .. Beautiful day in Akl, I shall be out in my garden :)

  5. Life looks good at your place Sarah. Wood fires are the best aren't they? Have a lovely weekend x

    1. They certainly are! Hope your weekend is a good one x

  6. It's been a fairly grey and drizzly weekend here, though the sun has just broken through the clouds now, the chooks are loving the bit of sunshine and a busy scratching around for grubs.
    Hope you had a lovely weekend.

  7. Such beauty here Sarah! I love that picture of your cow! Wishing you a beautiful week ahead! Nicole xo

  8. We must've stolen your sunshine ... so sorry. We've been having some beautiful weather and still warming up to summer highs. Only a few days of rain in the past few weeks (and again today). Your photos show a very happy life there ... cows, chickens, home baking and tea :) Have a great week Sarah. Wendy x

  9. Nothing wrong with a recipe blog! Like Wendy we're enjoying glorious weather here, but then we are in midsummer. I hope is life is treating you well Sarah x


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