Friday, October 31, 2014

A Chicken Post

Over a course of time Chinese Silkies have slowly crept into the position of favourite chicken breed for me. These fluffy feathered creatures really are unique as far as chickens go. No other chicken has the same kind of 'feather' as them, nor their blue skin, dark meat and black bones. They've also got feathered feet and feature five toes. And aside from appearances no other chicken breed has their lovely, docile personality.

This little chookies really do make the best Mums and great pets. They're not renowned for their laying ability, especially if you compare them to a Leghorn. They love going broody, some will only lay a dozen eggs before going clucky! We've had hens like that, and we've had over-bred show-puffs that don't really lay at all but just liked to look pretty all day. Whilst this kind of Silkies are visually stunning, they've never really appealed to me. I don't see the point in having a chicken that is only capable of collecting show ribbons. And if it that was my thing, what good is a champion show winner that you can't breed from? No, in my books a good Silkies keeps to the appearance and nature of the breed, but is also functional. Aside from that, my experience with those birds has shown me that breeding purely for looks with regard for nothing else results in poor health.

 We've bred every single one of our Silkies, aside from our foundation rooster and two hens of course. And they all love to spend their days foraging like regular chickens, scratching away for bugs and eating greens. They also lay quite well, and of course go clucky and love to raise their babies. Which is just what a couple of our girls will (hopefully!) be doing next time they go clucky. They're in their first year of laying and have been clucky once or twice by now, so they've proven they're willing to sit properly and can be trusted with a clutch of eggs.

Hopefully in a few months I'll have pictures of fluffy little chicks to share with you!

Here's to the weekend (and a new month)!

Sarah x


  1. Tottally in love with photo number 1!!!
    Great one!!!

  2. They are absolutely adorable! That first photo stole my heart! And you have so much knowledge about chickens...I am coming to you when we get ours! I can not wait to see the babies!!! Wishing you all good things this weekend friend! Nicole xoxo

    1. Oh are you getting chickens? They are so much fun! xx

  3. These are such cute chickens! They look furry not feathery, and I guess that's the "silky" part of them. I'm not familiar with chicken talk, and wonder at the terms "broody" and "clucky". I wish we could have chickens in town, but there are by-laws against it. Looking forward to seeing silky chicks! Wendy x

    1. They are more furry than feathery, and so lovely and soft! Broody and clucky mean the same thing, and it is when a hen stops laying eggs and sits on her nest for three weeks to hatch her chicks - or clutch as is the proper term :-) Some breeds of chicken have been bred so that they don't stop to go clucky or raise babies, in order to get more eggs out of them. When a hen goes clucky she can stop laying for 9 or more weeks. Most chickens stop being 'broody' when the chicks are about 6 weeks old, but Silkies tend to be glad to keep their chicks for a lot longer :-)


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