Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Morning Musing

We've had our first lamb born. Taro is a gorgeous little ram lamb, and with his fast growth and good conformation he'll most likely be staying on here as a second ram. He's mother Tansy was pregnant when we purchased her so Taro is completely unrelated to all of my sheep, hence his prospective position in my breeding program.
With this cold weather the sheep are growing back their wool. My favourite ewe Dolly, who is pictured above, lets me pat her neck sometimes and her new wool is luxuriously soft.

I've been enjoying the beautiful golden light of Autumn. I've been observing more with my eyes than my camera lately, but I happened to have my camera on hand the afternoon these rain clouds created a striking contrast with the setting sun. We didn't get any rain but I captured the moment and was pleased.

Little Bambi is the dearest little soul and is growing up so very fast. She and Rilla are now friends, Bambi follows her everywhere and always watches what Rilla is up to. At the rate time seems to be flying Bambi will be big enough to start learning to herd the sheep in no time!

The garden is starting to take off and is looking very full. My zucchinis have started to curl up with the arrival of the cold, but all of the winter greens are powering along. Yesterday we put up two wire tunnels and covered them with this Grow Cover. We filled the tunnels with kale, broccoli, cauliflower, tat soi, mizuna and rocket. They will be safe from bugs under the mesh, I can't wait to have home grown kale again!
I'm having a dreadful time getting carrots to germinate this year, each attempt has failed and I don't know why as my method has never failed in previous years. Although my seed is newly purchased I'm starting to wonder if it isn't faulty. On the upside however, I'm having success with beetroot for the first time ever. I even had enough to make this delicious tart, in which I used homemade Feta. My next crop is nearly ready to harvest and I think I will be making that tart again!


What has your world been filled with lately? I'm struggling at the moment to not let things get on top of me. I continually remind myself that there will always be a list a mile long of things to be done, so it is important to take time to breath, live and enjoy life.
 Kate once wrote that in our society to be busy seems to be a kind of badge of honour and those words often come back to me. Society is actually quite ridiculous.
Here's two blog posts I enjoyed reading the other day and that have helped me to remember that life is short, days are short, lists are long and at the end of the day there is no point to anything if you can't stop and smell the roses regularly. Yes, not now and then, but regularly.

Live. Breath. Ponder. Enjoy by Robintail
Why Slowing Down (or stopping) Is The New Speeding Up by Pip (thank-you Jane for linking to this one x)

Have a beautiful, relaxing, refreshing and fulfilling weekend

Sarah xx


  1. Lovely Sarah! How gorgeous that you have a little lamb ~ I love your pics! The beetroot tart sounds delicious, and thanks for the links ~ I love Pip Lincolne's blog. And that post is so true! Sad about the carrots :( we had to say a goodbye to our veggie garden while we live in the caravan ~ looking forward to creating one again when we have a place to call forever :) hope your week a really heart-full kind of week beautiful lady xx

    1. Thank-you Fleur. Enjoy your caravan adventure, I hope you have your veggie patch again soon x

  2. What beautiful light you've captured - so evocative of autumn evenings. How exciting you've got your first lamb too! Lovely post.

  3. Bambi is just too cute, and I'd happily give the gorgeous Dolly a neck rub too.

    I've also written in the past about the need to take life at a pace that lets you live it too ... it's a difficult balance isn't it, getting it all done versus having the leisure to enjoy the fruits of your labours.

  4. My list always gets on top of me ... and then it rains! Damn ... Wonderful pics, that Bambi is divine. For the first time in ages, carrots are growing for me again. I must try that tart too! :D

    1. Oh yay for your carrots! The tart is delicious, I highly recommend it :-)

  5. Seriously gorgeous photos Sarah! So calm and peaceful. Your animals are adorable and they look so contented. I have had a manic weekend: I need to revisit these slowing down articles! I try to remember the badge of honour thing too. Wishing you a lovely week x

    1. Thank-you Jane. I hope you have a gentler weekend x

  6. So lovely catching up on your news after my long absence! Beautiful photos and hooray for first lamb! Gorgeous little guy. Bambi also looks absolutely adorable, and it is sweet that Rilla now has an adoring sidekick. Our fur-family also grew in the last year, and the boys are always up to collaborative hijinks and general cheekiness. :)


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