Friday, August 10, 2018

Here & Now | August 2018 Link Up

It's Here & Now time again! I'm feeling pretty pleased that I remembered to get my post up on the 10th for the first time in several months - things are looking up!
I love reading your Here & Now posts so please join in!

Loving // Checking the garden each morning to see if anything new has sprouted. My sweet peas have their first true leaves and the broad beans have put in an appearance.

Eating // Delicious dark, rich chocolate bean brownies. Made with actual beans! You'd never guess. (The recipe is in Petite Kitchen)

Drinking // Tea!

Feeling // Excited, and a tad nervous, about a new project I've just launched. It's called Yarnologie and is a digital magazine. (More about that here & here).

Making // A rainbow coloured Darling Dots beanie - I'm knitting the rib band at the moment but will get to add the first colours soon. I knitted a swatch first to make sure that the colours I'd chosen work together, and now I'm excited to get it knitted into a beanie. I'm using Nettle Sock yarn for this project.

Thinking // How crazy August can moment its warm days and the next there's frost on everything and a low temperature all day.

Dreaming // Of a kitchen that stays tidy for a whole day...I might be dreaming about that one for a while!

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  1. Hey Sarah,
    The beanie colour combo looks great. Look forward to seeing the finished product. I do love to live vicariously through your knitting.
    Congrats on the knitting mag - what an exciting project. I hope it goes well.

    1. Hi Laura,
      Thank you so much!! It's a lot of fun knitting with such pretty colours :-)
      Have a lovely week,


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