Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Here & Now | October 2018 Link-Up

Despite the widespread exclamations about the speed at which each year goes, it seems that time is determined to still march on at what seems to be an ever-increasing pace. Here we are in October, and what I very much view as the ending of the year. As we roll into these final months I find they all seem to run together, as people begin to talk more about their end-of-year plans.
It's Here & Now time again and it's a great way to pause and think about the present. Will you be joining in this month?

Loving // Some much-needed rain to boost the rainwater tank level and also work its magic on the garden. I hope everywhere that needs it gets decent rain soon!

Eating // Homegrown greens from the garden, a little in each meal most nights. They include bok choy, kale, mustard, lettuce, radish, perpetual spinach, comfrey and then herbs such as rosemary, thyme, parsley & basil. It's nice to be harvesting even a small amount from the garden once again.

Drinking // Less tea as the days warm

Feeling // Slightly baffled by the time whenever I glance at a clock with daylight saving having recommenced on the weekend. I'm sure I'll adjust soon!

Making // Lots of things all at once. I'm working on two patterns, my cowl using my handspun, a summer top in Beetroot using a pattern from this book and a pair of fair isle socks.

Thinking // About how the last months of the year all seem to run together, as I look at my calendar and diary. My final workshop for the year is coming up at the end of next month, then after that, I'm co-hosting a Crafternoon Tea Party, then I'm done for events for the year! It's been a wonderful year of running workshops for the first time.

Dreaming // Of a trip to a lovely garden this coming weekend

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  1. Your garden looks great Sarah, and hasn't the rain been great - although ours has included giant hailstones and lightning! I like the lok of your Crafternoon Tea Party, and actually calculated if I could drive down and back in one day, but I think it's a wee bit far. I'm sure it'll be lots of fun and a great success.

    1. It would be so lovely if you came! Maybe a weekend away in Bellingen :-)

  2. The garden looks lovely Sarah and I am so excited to be hosting the crafternoon tea party with you!!!

  3. I love seeing bees foraging in clover, Sarah. So often, it's viewed as a weed but the bees don't think so, it's a good food source for them. Meg:)

  4. oh I always mean to join in this thread and somehow I forget! Thanks for the link list and chance to connect.

    Your garden is looking so lovely, and your dog! LOL. What a cutie.


  5. Your bee pics are lovely, Sarah. How nice to be eating from your own garden - such a different taste from store bought. Enjoy the crafternoon tea party!

  6. It's so lovely catching up with your Here & Now, Sarah. The garden is looking lush - I wish we could have sent you some of our rain over the past few months for your tank - and I'm so jealous of all the yumminess you are eating from the garden. And hooray for the new aspect of your business doing so well. :)


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