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Welcome to Say! Little Hen. I suppose since you have come to this page, you are wanting to know a little more about me.
Perhaps you might be wondering what I "do"? Well, it depends on what day you would ask the question. I am a writer, a knitting pattern designer, a craftsperson who sells my handmade goods, and I am also a self-published sourdough author. In Autumn 2017 I also opened an online yarn boutique.

I like to come here to share my photographs and the words that go with them. My name is Sarah and I am newly relocated to northern New South Wales at the beginning of 2018.
Previously I lived on a small farm in far North Queensland which was home to beef cattle, Dorper sheep, two milking cows and many chickens. I've blogged a lot about the experiences in raising them, so whilst I now live on a small block with a veggie patch and my Border Collies, you can still find plenty of farmy posts in the archives.
I am passionate about living life sustainably and organically - but in a realistic way. 
Along with my daily musings, you'll find many a knitting post on my blog and you'll probably work out pretty quickly that my favourite thing to bake is spelt sourdough. (I did write a whole eBook about it after all!).

If you'd like to see more of my work, you'll find my shop here where I sell my knitting patterns, Spelt Sourdough Made Simple eBook and natural fibre yarns I have carefully sourced from around Australia & the world.
If it's more of my writing you're interested in, you'll find it regularly in Earth Garden Magazine, and of course right here!

A good place to start on my blog, if you're wondering just where to go, is with these popular posts below. Or explore via topic by selecting one from the Categories drop down in the top bar.

If you're looking for recipes, there is a whole page dedicated to them, and if you have a love for reading or are looking for resource books I encourage you to check out the Library page.

Want to know more?

I started blogging in June 2012 on a website called Chantille Fleur. In late 2015 I rebranded into Say! Little Hen (you can read why here). 
You'll also find my writing and photographs in Earth Garden Magazine.

All photos on my site are taken by me, with my Canon 550D and usually my Canon f/1.4 50mm lens (but occasionally I'll also use my Canon f/2.8 40mm or Canon 100mm f/2.8L lens) I mostly just take photos to please myself but occasionally I'll do a shoot for a small business or a local fundraiser.

Join in!
On the 10th of every month, I hold a link-up known as Here & Now. It's a list of seven prompts to document what's happening in your life, here & now. The answers can be as short or as long as you want; if there's something you really want to mention you can add prompts of your own.
It's a lot of fun, I'd love for you to join us! To learn more hop over here.

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