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About the Blog

Welcome to Say! Little Hen - I’m Sarah…

Initially a blog about knitting and my life in the country on a small farm, Say! Little Hen is now grown into a space for knitters, with the odd dash of lifestyle thrown in (pretty countryside pictures and occasionally a recipe). I have a love for the simple things in life - baking a loaf of bread, knitting a sock or garment and spending time outdoors. When I get the time I sometimes share my thoughts and photos about those things on my blog.

I’ve been knitting since childhood and making my own designs for many years. I began publishing some of those designs in 2015, and since then have also begun sharing my skills by teaching classes and workshops in my local area.

From the blog also comes the online shop - a boutique of beautiful natural fibre yarns and accessories for knitters and crocheters. You can explore it more at


About our Courses

Teaching classes and workshops in my local area (northern NSW) has been a rich and rewarding experience. It’s so satisfying and also inspiring to teach others all about knitting - seeing the look of delight on their face as they grasp the techniques and begin to enjoy themselves is something I won’t ever tire of.

As a pattern designer and also a yarn shop owner, I’m frequently having conversations with people about how they would like to learn a certain knitting skill. Often these people live too far away to attend one of my in-person classes, so after many requests I’ve began to teach people online.

Along with teaching knitters new skills, I wanted my courses to embody the same joy that is felt by my ‘real-life’ students. With this in mind, I encourage students to engage not only with myself but one another in the classroom comments in our courses.

Beginning with the Sock Knitting Club, there are plans for more online courses of varying sizes and styles to be added over time.