Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Knitting Socks + Planting Seedlings

You may have noticed that my blog posts have been less frequent lately. The simple reason for that is that I've been spending a lot of time thinking about and working on my knitting patterns and yarn shop, and as such the only words coming to my mind to share with you were wholly knitting based. I must write about something else, I told myself, for some reason or other. But today I have decided to let go - I've been trying to control this space, trying to keep it the same across every season and every month but reality is that just can't happen.
Of course what I have to write about here is going to vary across different times, and may over the course of years change altogether. It's hard for it not to when this blog is based around my life, and I'm not just writing "articles" or other types of things. I knew my content would change when we sold the livestock last year, and I will be honest with you that at times it has been something I have struggled with. I've been blogging for close to five years now but at times I feel as new and unsure here as I did when I was trying to craft my very first post.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Knit It | The Darling Dots Beanie

I'm very excited to share my new pattern with you. This is one I have been dreaming up for some time, it was just waiting for the right time and right yarn to come along. The organic wool this is knitted in is so incredibly lightweight, making this beanie a delight to wear. It's lovely and warm but so comfortable, and not heavy at all.

This is the first women's accessory I have designed, and it's also the first pattern I'll be offering in two versions - one for working it flat, and the other in-the-round. I've published the flat version today, and the round version will be available soon. To celebrate, I've put together a special offer!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Taking a Break

It's sometimes hard to take a break when you're doing something you love, but I did just that over the Easter long weekend. Everything has been a bit of a whirl since I announced I was opening my yarn shop, and with so many different knitting and wool based plans in the works all at once, most days my desk looks like a creative yarn bomb went off!
I've learnt however, from both personal experience and that of my family around me, that it's so important to take the breaks when they come to you. It's much better to stop and have a short break when you don't really feel like you need one, rather than let yourself keep running at full steam ahead until one day you suddenly run out of steam and by the time you stop, you need a really loooong break, and you're not that excited to get back to it.

It's hard to understand if you've never done it, but it is completely possible to burn yourself out even doing something you're passionate about. In fact, I'd say it's easier.

So, over the weekend I completely switched off social media and didn't log into my inbox. I'd realised I'd gotten a little hyper, by my standards, with the Instagram and email checking, and it was good to break the cycle with a complete break. There's really no need to check in every hour.
It gave me time to get my pattern together that I'll be publishing tomorrow, but aside from that I left all other work alone.

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Here & Now | April 2017 Link-Up

It's quite amazing what can be packed into a month, which is why I love Here & Now - it's such an easy way of checking in and keeping track of things, documenting the little moments that go together to make up the year.
Last month the weather was still decidedly summery, and I was preparing to attend my first market in many years. Fast forward to now and it's cold, blustery and on the weekend I attended a second market.

Welcome to this month's Here & Now - I hope you'll take a few moments to document your own happenings either on your blog or on Instagram! The guidelines for doing both are at the bottom of this post.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Autumn Inspiration

It's fairly safe to say that since opening my yarn shop, my thoughts have been mostly occupied by wool. And it's the time of year for it really, too. March was a strange month, weather-wise, but with April rolled in a beautiful cool change and I think it's here to stay. Cool weather has an amazing impact - I find it more inspiring, I feel more creative and everything just feels a whole lot more achievable when it's a good temperature outside.
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