Sunday, November 11, 2018

Here & Now | November 2018 Link-Up

Loving // Cooler days after the heatwave we had a week ago and the garden bursting in flowers on most of the plants. I'm also admiring the beautiful handspun yarn samples and hand dyed/spun/woven coasters I was sent by Vicki Cornish of Bonsai Woman. I interviewed Vicki for Yarnologie Issue 02, and she was kind enough to send some samples of her gorgeous work.

Eating // Fresh strawberries from the patch with yoghurt most days, and there's a chicken roasting away in the oven as I type. It smells delicious.

Drinking // Less tea as the days warm.

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Bits and Pieces

Summer is arriving, bringing with it all of the things that I love and also dislike about the season. Hot long days aren't a favourite of mine (don't get me wrong, I like the days being a little longer but they are a fair bit longer than I'm used to now I'm living in New South Wales). I'm a woolly kind of person at heart, and because of that autumn will always be my favourite season - the cups of tea, snuggly blankets, endless knitting and joy of baking things in the kitchen.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Knit Through Everything

Spring seems to finally be transitioning to warmer weather, with hot sunshine in the mornings and a breeze blowing most afternoons. I'm really enjoying the change, and my knitting projects have shifted with the seasons.
On my needles at the moment are socks, mostly because I seem to have become addicted to knitting them, but also because they are lightweight and therefore cool under my hands. They also fit nicely in my handbag, a definite perk as I've been taking my knitting out and about weekly for my craft day catch-up. I'm also teaching a sock knitting workshop in Bellingen in about 3 weeks, so it's hard not to have socks on my mind.

The other main project I'm working on is a summer top in the yummiest coloured 4ply organic cotton. The colour is called beetroot and I'm really loving how it's working up. It's also super soft.

The pattern is another one from the book Knit Vintage. The design is also a loose fit, and the chevron pattern is quite open and airy combined with the drape of the 4ply organic cotton - I'm looking forward to having it in my summer wardrobe.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Knitting Mini Elf Hats

This Mini Elf Hat is one of those accidental-designs. I fully intended to design it, but originally it was a component in something else. I wasn't happy with the other half of the design, but rather than work on it like I usually do, I got quite distracted with the cuteness of these hats, and I just had to keep knitting more.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Here & Now | October 2018 Link-Up

Despite the widespread exclamations about the speed at which each year goes, it seems that time is determined to still march on at what seems to be an ever-increasing pace. Here we are in October, and what I very much view as the ending of the year. As we roll into these final months I find they all seem to run together, as people begin to talk more about their end-of-year plans.
It's Here & Now time again and it's a great way to pause and think about the present. Will you be joining in this month?

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