Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Beanies & Berets Knit Along - Come Join!

I've just published the pattern for the Cherry Pie Beret, and to celebrate, I'm hosting another Knit-Along!

It's midwinter and I thought something cosy would be just the ticket to keep us all nice and warm. So in honour of the Cherry Pie Beret, the Say! Little Hen mid-winter KAL has a Beanies & Berets theme.
If you'd like to join in, read on for all the details!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Here & Now | July 2018 Link-Up

Welcome to this month's Here & Now Link-Up! It's shamefully late, but that's been a bit of a theme throughout the year, hasn't it? Never mind!
The link-up is open now, so if you'd like to join in you can!

Saturday, July 07, 2018

Knitfest Maleny (with lots of photos)

We're home from Knitfest Maleny, which happened last weekend. It was such a great event, I enjoyed every moment of it! Last Friday afternoon we set up the stall, returning early the next morning to finish a few things off and eagerly await the doors opening at 9am.
I expected the event to be busy, but take on a steady pace. As it's a festival, I assumed people would have a good look around before making any purchases. Therefore, I was completely caught off guard when the morning rush happened. It reminded me of the rush that happened when I was assisting my sister on her stall at a Christmas Craft Fair many years ago. With the stall brimming with people, I had more than one person remark to me later that day that they'd been past a few times but couldn't even see what we had, so were happy when they returned later and managed to get in. So many lovely people who follow along online - either here, or on social media - stopped by to say hello and purchase some things. Unfortunately, I think everyone probably arrived at the same time, so my apologies if you came by for a chat but we didn't get to have one!

One of the things I love about my business is helping knitters choose yarn for their project, narrowing it down to fibre choice and then picking colours. It gives me a buzz, and the process was even more enjoyable in person. I loved seeing the combinations chosen and hearing about the projects they would become (or the stashes they would join...).

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Here & Now | June 2018 Link Up

Loving // The woodfire keeping the house warm and the delicious smell of freshly baked sourdough 

Eating // Chicken pie rolls. (Chicken pie filling, made into the shape of sausage rolls. A case of using what was on hand, and surprisingly delicious!)

Drinking // Herbal teas...ginger & lemon is a favourite

Feeling // A bit excited as it's just over a week before we pack up and hit the road to head North for Knitfest. I'm also feeling slightly disorganised. There's lots of list making and I'll feel better once there are some ticks on it, too!

Making // Not a lot as the days have been full, but I have been doing some knitting on my Cherry Pie beanie. It's the sample for the July Magic Looping workshop, and I'll publish it as an online pattern, too.

Thinking // How the year is just flying, and this month particularly.

Dreaming // Of a little trip to the beach when we get back and life isn't so busy. Every day is so full at the moment, as it generally is when preparing for an event.

What's happening in your world right now? Would you like to take a moment to document it on your blog? Here & Now is a fun exercise to reflect and think about the little parts of life (the ultimately make up the bigger picture.) Join us!

The link-up is open from today until midnight on the 17th of this month.
Simply copy the Here & Now list from below, paste it into a new blog post and fill it in. Add as many (or as few) photos to your post as you like and then hit publish!
The last step is to come back here and add the link to your new blog post to the link-up tool below so that we can all see your post.
I'd love it if you could please link back here in your post, too, so that others can find the link-up.

Copy & Paste....

Loving //
Eating //
Drinking //
Feeling //
Making //
Thinking //
Dreaming //

I can't wait to see your posts! Thank-you so much for joining in. Remember to spread the link-up love by visiting the other participants.

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Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Cast Off | Carbeth Cardigan

Well, here it is. My finished (aside from blocking) Carbeth Cardigan. It's certainly a quick project, with a cast-on date of 2nd May, and a complete finish date of 30th of May. And I obviously didn't work on it every single day.
This is the first chunky garment knit I've ever done, and I'm really happy with it. It's comfortable to wear and keeps me nice and warm, with the collar acting like a built-in scarf when you button it up. The yarn combination I used turned out just the way I pictured it. The merino is keeping the cardigan sturdy, and the alpaca is adding an extra layer of warmth. It's a soft combination, too, that feels lovely against my skin.

I will block this cardigan soon, I just haven't yet because it's cold and windy here and I've been enjoying wearing it. The button band will sit more nicely once blocked, at the moment it gets a little wobble in it when I button up the cardigan. But it doesn't bother me, and I'm sure no one even notices whether it's unblocked or not.

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