Thursday, May 26, 2016

May on Film

Another month almost gone, and so much has been packed into this one. There have been delights, surprises and a few shocks along the way. I've tried to capture my favourite moments on film, and here they are below. This one is a little shorter than last month's film, but I hope you enjoy it just as much.
Winter is almost here, and we're almost half way through the year. Can it be true?

Music // That Happy Feeling by Bert Kaempfert, available on iTunes


Saturday, May 21, 2016

Cast Off | The Baa-ble Hat Complete

Autumn abandoned us a little while back, but returned over a week ago with surprising chilliness. As the cool weather came out of nowhere I inevitably caught a chest cold, which has dominated most of the week. I'm on the mend now, however, and at the beginning of my illness when I still had some energy, I got out my knitting and polished off the last of my Baa-ble Hat. It was a very quick and easy knit, my slowness in completing it was only due to the weather.

Now it's finished I've been a little lost as to what to cast on next, but that's been a good thing as it's led to knitting up some baby items for a collaboration with a new online handmade boutique. I used to sell my knitted items full time, but gave it up a few years ago as it just took up too much time and I never had the joy of knitting for myself. I've no intention of going back to that, but baby knits are something I do enjoy creating so making a couple as I please will be lovely. (One of the items is woollen Pixie Bonnets. The pattern is available in my Ravelry store if you'd like to knit one too!)

Anyway, back to the Baa-ble Hat. I'm super glad this warm and cuddly beanie is ready in time for the arrival of winter. I'm really happy with all those sheep marching around the edge. I think I may need to make another one in different colours, it was so much fun.
The pattern was incredibly simple and easy, without one single hiccup along the way. Just what every knitter wants.

What have you been making lately?
Has the weather caught you unawares?
Happy weekend!
Sarah x

Extra details:
Yarn: Cashmerino Aran by Debbie Bliss (10ply) in Purple 30042 for the base, Off White 300101 and Black 300300 for the sheep, and Heather 300046 for the top. Purchased from Morris & Sons online store
For yardage, dye lots and more Ravelry project page here

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Growing Rocket

Rocket is growing wonderfully, and since he is always asked after, I thought it was time I gave you an update.
Rocket now spends his days as a sheep, out in the paddock with the little flock of last spring's lambs. We slowly moved him out by bringing them down into the large house yard for a few days, where Rocket could spend the day with them whilst also being close to us. It's so much better for him to be out with other sheep, as lambs learn by copying, and since being in with sheep he drinks more water and spends more time grazing. He was still sleeping inside at night until a few evenings ago. When the sheep ran out of grass down here, we moved them back up to their paddock (which is visible from the house anyway). Rocket was put to bed with them into the shed, and horrible as I felt for leaving him there, he settled in wonderfully and is really benefiting from rediscovering his identity as a sheep. He's still on five or six feeds a day, which is pretty intense but it really won't be long before he drops one or two of his day time feeds.
As well as he's doing, I can't help but feel sorry that his mum isn't here any more. He's gone through so many changes in his very short life. He's gone from being a normal lamb, to living in the house and learning to except us as his new flock, to attaching himself to Bambi and spending the day outside with her, to having to readjust to spending the day with a flock of sheep, and now changing to spending all hours with the sheep, and having to accept that he only sees his "mum" (me) at bottle time.
This has been the last change for him, until he is weaned when older, which is entirely normal.

Rocket's first bottle is at six thirty in the morning, which is a rather chilly time to be out in the paddock but has it's benefits in that I get to see the sun rise every morning, even on a Sunday when I'd like to sleep in. Rocket and the other sheep are lucky and get to stay in their warm shed for a little longer until the sun dries the dewy ground, whilst I head back to the house for a warm cocoa (made with Missy milk, of course!) and a little knitting before starting the day.

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Friday, May 13, 2016

Recipe: Spelt Sourdough Pizza Scroll Pull-Apart

Pizza scrolls are something I have long heard of, but only recently tried. One evening I mixed up a few batches of different doughs, with a rough idea of what I'd do with them the next day. In the morning I found myself with one that was just begging to be made into scrolls, but as I'd made it specifically savoury, with a touch of olive oil and no butter or sugar, Cinnamon Scrolls were out of the question. It turned out to be the day to try Pizza Scrolls once and for all.
Now, it's been a while since I've read a Pizza Scroll recipe so these mightn't even technically classify, as I just made them up as I went along. But they are cheesy and garlicy and all round delicious. I have tested them several times (hard job, I know!) to ensure your scrolls are just as yummy.

The dough method below is in the style I have been loving best lately. Mix it up at night before you go to bed and in the morning you'll have a lovely bulk fermented dough that is full of flavour and very nutritious for you, too. With all but the final proof done these scrolls are ready to eat by morning tea or lunch time if desired.

So, pop a dough on tonight and spend a few minutes of your Saturday morning having the fun of rolling scrolls, followed by a few more minutes of delicious enjoyment as your sample your scrolls warm from the oven.

Happy baking! x

Spelt Sourdough Pizza Scroll Pull-Apart

Dough :

350g spelt flour
200g active sourdough starter
15g extra-virgin olive oil
5g good quality salt
180g water

Filling :

Half a small brown onion, finely sliced
2 1/2 tblsp tomato paste
2 tsp freshly crushed garlic (approx. 1 large clove)
150g freshly grated cheese of your choice (Colby works wonderfully)

Method :

1. Put the dough ingredients into a small bowl, in the order listed. Mix until well combined and a shaggy dough has formed. It will be wet and sticky, leave to sit for 10 - 20 minutes.
Leaving the dough in your bowl, give it a light knead for a few minutes until it's kind of come together and looks more like a bread dough (using the stretch-and-fold method works well here, just don't expect your whole grain dough to be this elastic). Cover the bowl and leave to sit at room temperature over night

2. In the morning, use a spatula to scrape the dough away from the sides of the bowl before turning out onto a silicon mat or other work surface, which you have prepared with just a few drops of olive oil. Lightly knead for a few minutes until the dough feels smooth and lively under your hands. Shape it into a ball. Prepare your round spring-form tin by flouring the sides and lining the base with baking paper.

3. Drizzle a little more oil onto the mat and spread it out with your fingers. Rub some oil onto your rolling pin, and then roll the dough out to form a rectangle approx. 1.5 cm thick. Spread the tomato paste evenly over the dough with a spatula, then add the crushed garlic and spread it around with your fingers. It will mix in a little with the tomato paste; make sure you don't leave any clumps of garlic behind. Finish topping with the onion and then cover with the cheese.

4. Using a sharp serrated knife, cut the dough into strips approx. 3-4 cm wide, and roll each strip into a scroll shape. Place the scrolls around the edge of the prepared tin to form a wreath, then cover and leave to rest for around 1.5 hours. (Don't worry if you haven't noticed much rising, they'll spring in the oven)

5. Preheat the oven to 220ºC and cook the scrolls at this temperature for 18 minutes. Drop the oven to 180ºC and cook for a further 15 minutes, or until nicely golden and fragrant. Release the spring form tin and leave scrolls to cool on a wire rack for 10 minutes before serving. 
Enjoy warm!

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Monday, May 09, 2016

Here & Now - The Link Up

Loving // New additions to my Silkie flock and that Rocket is doing so well
Eating // Banana fritters, with homegrown bananas and thick delicious cream from Missy-Moo
Drinking // Warm milk cocoas 
Feeling // Like my to-to list outlasts my life expectancy
Making // Incredibly slow progress on my Baa-ble Hat thanks to the strange weather
Thinking // That May has never been so warm
Dreaming // Of rainy days filled with knitting and chocolate cake

This is the first month Here & Now is running officially as a link-up. I'll be posting a Here & Now on the 10th (I am aware this month is one day early) of every month from now on, with the link-up open until the 17th.
To join in simply copy the blank list from below, create your gorgeous post and comment here or email me with your link by the 17th. Also remember to link back here in your post so that others can join too! I'll add your link to this post ASAP.

Now, I'd love to know what's happening in your Here & Now!

Sarah x

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Loving //
Eating //
Drinking // 
Feeling //
Making //
Thinking //
Dreaming //

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