Monday, May 21, 2018

Knitting Carbeth Cardigan

I'm in the midst of knitting my Carbeth Cardigan. I'm hoping to have it finished by the end of this month, and seem to be on track so far! As I intended to document this cardigan as I knitted it, I thought I'd better get a post up about it before I finish it, it's growing so quickly on my needles.

I've knit both the sleeves now and have joined them onto the body of the cardigan. Now I'm busily decreasing across the yoke, after which I'll just have the button bands, i-cord edging and neck to knit. I'm so excited to get this finished and into my wardrobe.
I tried the cardigan on this afternoon, as best I could whilst trying not to drop stitches, or get poked by the two stitch holders in each armhole. I think it's going to turn out the length that I wanted, and it's going to be so snuggly and warm.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Handspun Scarf

It's Me Made May, and while I'm not technically joining in by forming myself any challenge, I have been thinking about my handmade wardrobe a little bit more than usual this month. I seem to want to knit nothing but garments lately, and so with the arrival of the cold weather I've loved pulling out my knitted things and wearing them. They span from a handful of jumpers/shrugs and shawls to beanies, a pair of socks and some scarves - including this scarf.

I thought it was high time I wrote about this scarf. It probably over qualifies for Me Made May, because it's a scarf that I not only hand knitted but handspun.
It encompasses the very first skein of yarn that I spun and the subsequent skeins after that. From a yarn perspective, it'd have to be described as art yarn. It's thick and thin, underspun and overspun (severely in a couple of spots where it has coiled up like a spring!), giving it a very interesting texture.

Because of this yarns odd, super bulky nature, I decided a very basic scarf would do. And it turned out that at the end of last year, in the chaos of moving, of trying to find a home whilst moving from accommodation to accommodation, this scarf was the only thing I felt like knitting. I can't remember how many stitches I cast on, but it mustn't be very many. On 10mm needles, I simply knitted. I've not made a project in plain garter stitch for I don't know how long, but I felt that it did the best justice to this beginner's yarn.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Tea Mouse Parade (Knit Along)

From top left: Mini Christmas Mouse by Amanda; Tea Mouse's Party by @pawstostitch. Bottom: A group of Tea Mice knitted from the kits by Jennifer 

The Tea Mouse Knit-Along ended on Thursday, and what a fun KAL it was! For many, it was their first time knitting a toy, and I think everyone did an outstanding job. It was an absolute pleasure seeing the many Mice appear. I've tried to share them all here, I hope I haven't missed any! Many of the Tea Mice had little friends made too. There really isn't anything cuter than a group of them!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Here & Now | May 2018 Link Up

Loving // Autumn coolness and beautiful sunshine filled days (after a week of clouds and rain)

Eating // Toasted sourdough, and later today a slice of the most heavenly chocolate, cherry and coconut cake

Drinking // Tea!

Feeling // Excited and overwhelmed with the list of thing to do to get ready for Knitfest Maleny. The list just seems to keep on growing! This small business thing can be a bit hectic sometimes!

Making // I'm putting the finishing touches on my Tea Mouse today as it's the last day of the knit-along! I'm also making speedy progress on my carbeth cardigan, it's a lot longer than in the photo above. And I'm making graphic design edits to patterns, getting them ready for printing (for Knitfest)

Thinking // About knitting workshops...I'm not organising any more until after Knitfest, but that doesn't stop the planning of then! Especially after teaching such a lovely group of ladies on the weekend.

Dreaming // Of the mini holiday I'll be having just before Knitfest

What's happening in your world right now? Would you like to take a moment to document it on your blog? Here & Now is a fun exercise to reflect and think about the little parts of life (the ultimately make up the bigger picture.) Join us!

The link-up is open from today until midnight on the 17th of this month.
Simply copy the Here & Now list from below, paste it into a new blog post and fill it in. Add as many (or as few) photos to your post as you like and then hit publish!
The last step is to come back here and add the link to your new blog post to the link-up tool below so that we can all see your post.
I'd love it if you could please link back here in your post, too, so that others can find the link-up.

Copy & Paste....

Loving //
Eating //
Drinking //
Feeling //
Making //
Thinking //
Dreaming //

I can't wait to see your posts! Thank-you so much for joining in. Remember to spread the link-up love by visiting the other participants.

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Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Making Gifts: 5 Things to Consider

Knitting gifts is something I used to be quite nervous about. Crafting something by hand for someone takes a little more time than simply buying them something, and I always worried that a hand knitted item wouldn't be well received because well, it was homemade. This is a ridiculous way to feel, given that I used to sell my knitted items, and also how I personally feel about receiving handmade gifts (they are so special!).
In 2016 I hand knitted a few gifts and they were very well received. Following on from that, last year was the first where I consciously tried to think if there is something I could knit when I needed a gift, rather than automatically going for the store bought option.
I love making things to give to people, so I really love the opportunity to do just that. I've come to realise that making gifts for people requires following the exact same thought process as buying them a gift - because at the end of the day I want the recipient to love what they have received.

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