Monday, September 10, 2018

Here & Now | September 2018 Link-Up

Can you believe that after this Here & Now, there are only three left for 2018? I was quite shocked when I realised that! I'd love it if you'd join in!

Thursday, September 06, 2018

Sock Knitting

I've fallen in love with knitting socks. Even as I knit a pair now, I'm thinking ahead to the next pair. I started this pair two weeks ago and was happy to have them off my needles earlier this week. This was one of those projects that are so smooth and straightforward every second of it is enjoyable, and I credit that to the pattern writer. With such a thoughtful, well laid-out pattern it was impossible to go wrong and the result is a pair of socks that fit perfectly.

I've discovered that I like to knit cuff-down socks. I've tried toe-up, and whilst they weren't bad, I enjoy this method so much more. I feel like starting with the toe puts you right into the 'busy' part of the pattern, whereas when you begin with the cuff there are a good few centimetres of just straight knitting, or if you're knitting a pair with texture on the back and lace down the sides like these, it gives you time to get to the know the pattern repeat before you start with shaping.

Sunday, September 02, 2018

Spring Thoughts

The warm weather arrived right on schedule yesterday. As the calendar ticked over to September, the temperature rose a little. I was so happy to welcome to warmth, to stand in the sunshine and feel the breeze blowing against me was warm instead of cold. Seasons don't usually just change in an instant, and sure enough, it's a little bit cooler today, and the wind that is gusting around outside right now is anything but warm.

There are definite signs of the season changing, with the days becoming longer and just a little bit warmer. The birds are becoming noisier and the sight of hares hopping by in the morning a little more common. A few stout seedlings survived a recent heavy frost and have suddenly shown obvious signs in growth in the last few days. A self-seeded tomato has also heralded the warming soil temperatures.

Monday, August 27, 2018

A Magazine + A Video

I've always had an interest in writing, stemming from childhood when I wrote many short stories (and a lengthy one that I never did finish...). I've been writing for Earth Garden for several years now and published my successful sourdough eBook three years ago. Way back in Autumn the idea for a digital magazine for knitters and crocheters started to form, and after lots of thinking and list-writing the name Yarnologie was chosen, and the magazine started to take shape.
It's been many, many months in the planning, and so I was really excited and just a bit nervous to publically announce Yarnologie. The response has been absolutely wonderful, and the very first issue of Yarnologie will be published this weekend. I'm looking forward to it but am also pretty nervous about it.

I love sharing interesting stories about other people, and to be able to combine this with my love of photography and of course, yarn, is absolutely wonderful. Even though Yarnologie is a digital publication, it's formatted as it would be if it was printed. It's visually appealing with many beautiful photographs accompanying each article, along with the touch of my clever graphic designer to really make it sing. I may have a small dream to see it in print - perhaps an annual edition - but for now, I am enjoying getting it off the ground.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Bookish Weather: 3 Books to Enjoy

Whenever there is snow around we get battered with gale force winds. What's worse is they have an icy chill to them, making it very unpleasant to be outdoors. (At least we don't get the snow ourselves though!)
I noticed there were still embers glowing in the fire this morning, so I put a little bit of kindling in, and the flames came to life. Now there is a nice fire burning slowly away, keeping the house a pleasant temperature while the wind howls outside and rattles the windows. I just hope the washing stays on the line.

As I was getting through the housework this morning, I was thinking about how nice it would be to be sitting near that fire with a book in my lap and a cup of tea in hand. And so, I thought I'd share some of the wonderful books I've been enjoying reading lately here with you.

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