Wednesday, September 13, 2017

3 Common Sourdough Myths You Should Ignore

 There's a bucket load of information on the internet about sourdough making, and quite a few books around on the subject too. A lot of them contain useful information, but others, as I have found from personal experience, contain some "rules" that just don't need to be applied. Today I thought I'd share some information about a few of the commonest sourdough making myths around.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Here & Now | September 2017 Link Up

Welcome to this month's Here & Now! I got quite a fright writing September up there in the title. I mean, I know it's September but when one actually has to write the word it's kind of literally right your face. September means the heat will soon be here, the air will be very dry and the days will be a little hazy as people start to do burn offs and controlled (or sometimes uncontrolled!) fires.
What does September mean in your part of the world? We'd all love it if you'd join in this month's Here &'s a simple as writing a blog post and then putting the link to it in the link up below!

Friday, September 08, 2017

Cast Off: Spring Sized Shawl

This little shawl would have to be one of my fastest knits this year (mug cosies excused because they are tiny!). I cast it on at my craft group when I was in need of a travel project that I could take along. The project had to be something that was easy to knit whilst having a conversation and easy to pick up again after being interrupted, because let's face it, at a crafting group one usually spends more time socialising than crafting!
This pattern fit the criteria whilst also being something that wouldn't be too boring to make, use up most of the 400m skein of hand dyed yarn I had and most importantly, be something I would enjoy wearing at the end.
I've carefully observed over the course of this winter how I use my shawls and scarves so that I know what best to knit for myself in the department. I knew this little shawl - which should probably really be called a shawlette, would function like a scarf on very cold days and on not-so-cold ones, be a good size to just keep the top of my back warm.
I wanted to be able to wear my shawl a few times before winter left us, and with the beginning of Spring so far proving to be rather cold (except for late afternoon), I've worn it plenty of times already!

Monday, September 04, 2017

100 Days of Spinning

What a busy start to the week here with an early trip to town to express post an order, and consequently do the week's grocery shop earlier in the day than usual too.
I cast off this shawl last night in anticipation of being able to wear it out today and was quite excited to drape it around my shoulders this morning. It's a small shawl, so it functions more like a scarf. I'll tell you all about it when I write a blog post just for it. At the moment it's sitting on the dining room table, pinned to a towel and feeling rather damp after a good spray with water. It's being blocked - and I'm afraid my blocking gets as complicated as a towel and some sewing pins!
I didn't want to photograph it before blocking, even though I've already worn it out. A little contradictory, isn't it?

Along with knitting, I have set myself a spinning challenge. I've been barely touching my wheel, which is no way to learn, and my lovely friend who is also teaching me to spin emailed me on the weekend and told me I must spin for 2 hours a day.

Friday, September 01, 2017

Spring Happenings

The garden is so beautiful at the moment. Spring is coming without delay, as it always does here in North Queensland. The natives in the garden are in full bloom, but the flowers on most of the plants are of the little tiny variety so you actually have to stop and appreciate them, rather than just being able to glance out to the garden and see them all at once. The Bottlebrush is very noticeable. It's covered in great fluffy pink blooms at the moment. I can't remember what variety it is that we planted, but it's the first Bottlebrush I've ever seen that truly resembles its namesake. The flowers are long and narrow and look like just the thing for scrubbing out a bottle with.
Amongst the flowers are little birds - honeyeaters and sunbirds, enjoying the nectar of the flowers and perhaps even the bugs hidden amongst the leaves.
It's a pretty time of year and one I relish because this season is so fleeting. The wattle has already finished flowering. The clusters of yellow pompoms that were decorating the tree only two weeks ago have finished now.

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